Wings Winning Streak Continues

The Kaddas Wings have beaten the Abu Dhabi Storms 4-1, after a super boring first halt which had no scores at all. The Wings are now in second place and the Storms remain 5th. GoPro Joe Campbell and Milan Rabas netted two each. Peter Thorpe assisted two goals and oldies Ken Wigley and Denis Sinev tallied one point to their individual record, and so did Ian Blumstein.

“We were clearly the better side and dominated the entire game.”, Canadian defensive wall Dale McClare said. “Our opponent wasn’t as strong as we thought and this completely threw our game plan out of the window. We wanted to play solid defense first and not conceiving a goal but ended up just passing the puck to each other because the Storms never intended to fore check. However, I hurt a few players and therefore I am super happy. Only 8 months to go for the CFL tryout”, he added.

Eddie Eksaengsri noted “The Fans here a very rude. They scream at you in a language I don’t understand and for the first time ever, I was thrown falafel at me instead of ripe tomatoes. It makes it hard to concentrate when you know that there is not much love here for you”. Ken Wigley added “I am in the game a long time. And I mean a long, long time. This team can go all the way with its endless talent and outstanding experience. Back in 1962, when I won my first championship our squat had the same spirit and drive to win. Well, we were only 2 teams back then and our competitor were an all-female team and boys weren’t allowed to play against girls and when we did, we mostly lost. But nonetheless, we had the same spirit. I love those boys although they could be my great-grandchildren. After the season, I will gather them and read Anne of Green Gables to them.”

Bulldogs Magical Czech

66 years after Czechoslovakian runner Emil Zátopek won three gold medals at the Summer Olympics in Helsinki, a new national idol has emerged: Tadeas Resler. Scoring a hat-trick and assisting two goals, the poster-boy from Brno is now a huge contender for the ADHL top goal scorer crown. Yannick Theler of the Abu Dhabi Godfathers also scored a hat-trick and is now the best Swiss-born player ever signed a contract in the ADHL.

“We had way too many penalties tonight and that cost us dearly. I wish those guys would finally get in better shape so we avoid the slip, trip, and falls penalties. My penalty was clearly a bad call by the referees as they simply don’t like me because I am a good looking guy with a monster frame…or better put, a hockey machine.”, Keith Jeffrey of the Godfathers said after the game to a public skating by-stander.

Brent Brough said later “With our deadly combination of Slovakian skating, Czech finesse, Canadian toughness, Singapore cooking skills, and Lebanese sneakiness, we are an unstoppable force. Our fans demand another title and so far, we live up to their expectations.”

Defender Ryan Sergeant added “Tonight we are parting like we never did before. I am talking about beer pong and Roman-Greek wrestling. Oh man, do I look forward to be covered in warm oil, wrestling my teammates, and drinking adult refreshments. This is the stuff long-lasting stories are made of. And who knows, perhaps Tadeas gets a bit tougher too.”

The Bulldogs are now in 4th place and the Godfathers remain winless and are last place. Owner Ali Kaddas cut salaries for the team and told captain Guillaume Laberge “Next game is a win or you and I have a serious talk, buddy!”