Wings destroy sobs

The Kaddas Wings have destroyed the Oil Barons with a merciless 10-4 victory and have now claimed the top seat of the ADHL. The Oil Barons have now lost two in a row and may face another loss against the Godfathers. Star of the night was Joe Campbell with a hat-trick and two assists. Luca Ciani made his debut for the SOBs, who also lost Rob Hill during the game due to a yeast infection in his right thumb.

“Tonight was a tough one”, SOB defender Trevor Kuniski said and added “I thought we may win this game easily but that thought changed after the first goal, thanks to Jahrmann [who made a terrible pass to center ice which lead in an early lead to the Wings]. I appreciated Chris’ efforts to back check but it is pretty evident, that skating backwards isn’t his strong suit. I wish I could blame all 10 goals on the goalie and after thinking about it for a while during a long undeserved shower, I came to the conclusion, I just may do so.”

We interviewed 4-points player Denis Sinev, but unfortunately we were unable to translate the interview. Instead, we asked Milan Rabas about his point of view after the game: “There is nothing better in life than dominating another team and bring home those two points. Scoring 5 goals is pretty good, seven is much better but then scoring 10…well, this says a lot about our own strength and our opponent’s weakness. They may blame the goalie, or the referees, or the fans, or Zamboni driver but it comes down to the essentials of hockey: if you want to win, you have to destroy the self-esteem of the other team.”

Tonight also marked the first brown-bag fan night. Fans bring a simple brown back with two holes and put the bag over their head to demonstrate their shame when the team is losing. Fortunately, many fans forgot to cut-out the eye-holes and didn’t had to witness the destruction of their team. The SOBs have much to make up for when playing at home against the Godfathers.  

Godfathers finally with a Win

The Abu Dhabi Godfathers won their first game of the season, beating the Abu Dhabi Storms 6-1. The Storms, on the other hand, continued their losing streak and have now the worse goal difference in the league.

“The first period was pretty even and our opponent managed to keep up with us.”, Ali Kaddas, owner of the Godfathers said and continued “But I put a lot of money into this team this season. We want to bring home the league title not only because we deserve it but because I am sponsoring that trophy and the only showcase is in my office. I pay good money and may stretched the salary cap a bit, but that title is as good as ours.”

In the spotlight were, once more, the referees Bob “NHL Bob”  Bornibyouk and Sleeveless Dale McClare. Although they may have had some questionable calls both coaches had kind words for them. Guillaume Laberge of the Godfathers said “The game of hockey is simple: there are 10 guys on the ice trying to score a goal by shooting a 6 oz. rubber disk into a small goal with a fat guy in it who is trying to stop that puck by all means necessary and then you hear that whistle and you ask yourself what is going on and then you figure out that the referees are calling offside or icings simply to blow that whistle. The game is a bit too fast for them but I am scared of referee McClare because he is known to settle disputes in old-fashioned Canadian high-five”

[A Canadian high-five is when the fist of one person is thrown into another person’s face using the full speed of the arm and by slightly twisting the torso, which increases the force for more damage; the words “High-five” at the moment of impact and “Sorry” after the action must follow].