Oil Barons without luck

The Stormin’ Oil Barons tied the Abu Dhabi Godfathers 5-5 after leading the game 5-1. The Godfathers are still on third place but with a game on hand to the Oil Barons, who sit on second place with 5 points from 5 games. The Godfathers gaining momentum with a 3 point out of the last 2 games.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with this team and if it would be up to me, I certainly would bench most of the guys and let them think about how much they actually suck”, defender Bill Mellanby said after the game and added “I can’t fix the defense all by myself. The other guys have to step up and back-check but this is a word which simply does not exist in the vocabulary of our players. Thanks to my great effort we didn’t lose the game. Next time I play defense all by myself so I know the job is done the way intended.”

Julien Merineau of the Godfathers “I scored the first goal and the tied the game with only 41 seconds left on the clock on an amazing breakaway. Ali Kaddas [the owner of the Godfathers] and I will meet in the next few months to negotiate a new contract and one thing is for sure: this will not be cheap.”

Youngster James Rheaume said “I am feeling better and better about my game. I have scored 4 assists tonight. My dad told me that I will have a better rookie season than Remi Lavoie, who is my biggest idol. And I love the puck bunnies waiting outside the stadium every night.”. “Those puck bunnies are called cats!”, Adam Donald yelled across the parking lot.

Chris Reynolds of the SOBs scored a hat-trick and is now a fierce contender of the scoring title, while Fatima Al Ali of the Godfathers works on her legacy to become the first female NHL first-round draft after adding another assist to her records.

Bulldogs amazing comeback

4-4 was the score which was displayed on the game clock in big red numbers after game between the The Abu Dhabi Hammours and the Club Bulldogs. The Hammours lead early in the game 3-0 before captain Lubomir Zeleny called for a time-out. The Bulldogs scored twice before the Hammours scored their 4th goal of the night. With only 4:45 on the clock in the first half, the Bulldogs managed to keep the game close. The Bulldogs also scored the only goal in a very defense-dominated second half.

Ben Friesen of the Hammours said “The fans really deserved a victory tonight but we disappointed them. After we lead 3-0 with only 5 minutes into the game, we already made plans for the after-game party. Unfortunately, coach Lavoie wasn’t happy with us after the Bulldogs tied the game and we had to cancel our restaurant reservation. Thanks to Sonny [Thompson] who contacted the restaurant via Whats App during a face-off. This guy is always on his mobile phone.”

Ryan Sergeant of the Bulldogs “This was a great effort by the team. With guys like Lubo and Martin, everything is possible. Martin is just an unstoppable force on the ice and always works hard; not easy for a guy in his condition, eh. I am happy, that I could help the team with my first goal in 3 seasons and there is more to come. We are only 3 points away from the top and as Bulldogs, we eat Chicken [Wings] and Fish [Hammours], Grease Monkeys [Oil Barons] and probably Thunderbirds [Storms] and occasionally mafia bosses [Godfathers]. Maybe my analogy is a bit of but you get my drift.”

Phillipp Mielenz scored the fastest ever recorded goal in ADHL history with only 6 seconds into the game. Goaltender Conner Stuart “This was unfair, I wasn’t ready”