Stormin’ Oil Barons live up to role as league favorites

The Oil Barons started their 2018-19 campaign with a resounding 6-2 victory over the Abu Dhabi Storms. With the first win of the season, the Stormin’ Oil Barons claimed the top seat in the ADHL and are now the team to beat.

“We worked hard and it is pretty evident that we have a tsunami of talent. Some of the guys didn’t perform as well as I hoped but overall we played pretty good…I in particular”, Captain Kyle Frederick said after the game. “I wished that Brownie and Chris would have scored a few but they didn’t receive the message that the puck has to actually end up between the pipes to score goals. I’m just glad that they didn’t kill anyone with their 5-foot-high slappers”, he added. “Allowing two goals was not what we wanted. Everyone in that dressing room pets each other on the shoulders congratulating themselves as we were champions already. I know that we should stay positive but there is always time for that later.” Bill Mellanby commented and added: “Those guys have to wake up because I do not want to lose yet another season. I promised my wife that she will sip Champaign out of that trophy and I cannot afford another divorce.”

Rookie Owen Yates was happy: “For me, a dream came true. Stepping on the ice with stars like Anderson and Mihalic is surreal. I feel like I can learn so much from them and told my dad that I love him but I would like to be adopted by the team so they all can be my mates! Crikey, I am happy”

The young Storms team played well but it is evident that it needs more than some adolescent beard fluff and fast legs to stand against the established pros of the league. With a whole lot more games to come and some hours in the gym, the team will grow and learn to win.

Goals for the SOBs: Frederick (2), Anderson, Jahrmann, Hill, Mihalic

Goals for the Storms: 25 and 18

Godfathers stunning Comeback

The Hammours and Godfathers tied their clash 4-4. The Hammours, who looked like they had the two points in their pockets, had to pay a hefty price for slacking in the second half of the game. The Godfathers, and reigning champions, on the other side showed that they should be never written off.

Both, Remi Lavoie and Guillaume Laberge -- two of the top scorers last season – scored a hat-trick and oldie Pierre Lavoie added a goal and two assists to his tally. Meanwhile Ali Kaddas helped the Godfathers with two assist and is now the new record holder of most overall points scored by an Emirati in ADHL history.

“The weight on my shoulders is heavy as I am the only reliable scorer on the team. This has to change and in due time, I bet it will.” Laberge said. “We know that we allowed too many goals in the first half of the game. A goalie on this back struggling like a fat turtle getting back on its feet may have also been a part of the problem. After a very emotional half-time speech and threating us that we have to practice until midnight we managed to come back and tie the game. Thanks Fatima for motivating us”, goal scorer Donald Adam mentioned.

The German duo Frank Neudorfer and Philipp Mielenz disappointed the crowds, whereas the Lavoie’s scored in old fashion. “We know our strengths and it helps to have no weaknesses…at least this counts for the two of us” Remi Lavoie noted. “My son is my idol”, Pierre Lavoie added “One day, I want to be as good as he is.” British import Sonny Thompson said later “I have played in a lot of teams. A lot. All of them. I was a star in England and thought I will be a superstar over here but then I was proven wrong. I also had no idea what ice hockey was because I only played hockey…field hockey that is!”