Season Opener Excitement

The Kaddas Wings and the Club Bulldogs opened the 2018-19 season with 10 goals and a lucky winner. After clinching the first place last season and a disappointing playoff series, the Wings were eager to secure a victory against the former underdog champion, the Club Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs recently changed their name to have a more appealing image to the large British fan base and as an homage to their sponsor The ‘British’ Club.

The Wings managed to score early in the game and finished the first half strong with a 5-2 lead. The second half was dominated by the Bulldogs who scored only 2 and the Wings added one more to their tally. The British fans in the stadium supported their team but many left early as they were told that some stars of the Manchester United football club were supposed to be at the rink watching the game. It turned out that the marketing spoof was not well received as fans figured that Pablo Bock-Ba, Alex Sriracha, Luke Skyshaw, and Gea de David weren’t misprints but actually just tourist wearing Man United.

“The hooligans were horrible today and it did effect our game greatly”, Bulldogs defenseman Martin Jackuliak said after the game. “After Paolo went missing for about 45 minutes, we knew something is up and when we found him later taped to the shower wall, the team was very upset and scared.” he added.

Bobby Belanger, a frequent visitor on the injury list, and assistant captain of the Kaddas Wings said “We played very well and the crowd did bother us at all. We know that we are hated wherever we travel, even to our own stadium. What can I say? They complain about some guy gone missing and I played with a stiff back, broken knees, sore hands and god knows what else and managed to score a goal and two assist.” Star defender Milan Rabas added “I wanted to play for the Bulldogs this season. All my countrymen play there and I thought they would love to have a guy like me on the team. But instead they signed NHL Bob. What kind of first name is that anyways? NHL. Makes no sense. But we won and I hope the Club will lose many more this season.”