Storms continue losing streak

The Abu Dhabi Hammours have beaten a chanceless Storms team, which hasn’t moved from the last place in the ADHL since game day 2, with a deserved 5-0 victory. Remi Lavoie tallied 3 assists while Garnet Klassen was able to bury the biscuit twice. The Hammours are now on second place and hope to clinch the top spot by mid-November.

Frank ‘The Tank’ Neudorfer said during the press conference: “Today we have shown the other teams what a strong defense we have. We didn’t conceive a goal and I am tempted to say, we may not have another goal against us for the rest of the season. That is how confident I am of our superb defensive.”

Remi Lavoie, who signed a new endorsement deal with energy drink Pink Cow, said “No wonder that the sponsors lining up: after scoring three apples in this gongshow, I am back on track to win the scoring title. My girlfriend told me that she only likes guys who can win a scoring title so I am on a mission.”

The Hammours will face the undefeated Kaddas Wings Tuesday, October 30 and hope to claim the first seat.

Club beats Wings

The Club Bulldogs have won their clash with the Kaddas Wings in a high-scoring 8-6 game. Daniel Pedrak and Lubomir Zeleny were the stars of the game with 4 goals for Pedrack and 2 goals and 2 assists for Zeleny. Milan Rabas scored 5 points for the Wings and completed a successful Czechoslovakian weekend.

“In my youth Jaromir Jagr was my big idol and today I thought I will break a record he never won: scoring 5 points in an ADHL game” Rabas said and added “We have a bunch of good players such as Joe Campbell and Donny Caldwell, but face it, the superstar is me. I sign more autographs and I am much more famous.”

Jeff Snide of the Bulldogs said “Great game for us tonight. Although the score was rather close, we dominated the Wings and I have no idea why there are on first place. When I sank that slapper from the blue line, there was only little doubt that we will tally those two points. I am confident that soon we will be the team to beat, especially when the team performs on my level.”


The Wings will face the Hammours in the next ADHL game have the chance to redeem themselves.