Wings flying high

The Kaddas Wings continue winning with a victory against the second placed Abu Dhabi Hammours. The Wings dominated the first period in which the team managed to score 4 goals and conceived one. In the second half the fans seen a more balanced game with the Hammours scoring three times.

Game winner Eddie Eksaengsri said during the press conference “It feels unreal. We have played a quarter of the season already and we are in first place with an almost perfect record. Thanks to my two goals in the second half, we were able to take this game home. I know that sooner or later I will be moving up into the elite group of the ADHL superstars, as long as I am able to perform as well as I currently do. With my activeness on social media I am sure, the team and the league profit by attracting a richer fan base. In the end I do what I do best: scoring game winning goals.”

Pierre Lavoie of the Abu Dhabi Hammours mentioned “The first half had only little highlights with the exceptions of my goal. I understand our fans booing when the ref blew the whistle for the intermission because they have traveled far and wanted to see their team to perform better. I told the guys that they have to play better and they should take me as an example: always playing hard, every shift. Hayez and Phil, the only guys who do not speak English, took it to heart and scored a goal each. I have no idea how my speech motivated them but I am sure, that my fingertip on their little red, cold noses made a difference.”