Bulldogs eat Thunderbirds

The Club Bulldogs beat the Abu Dhabi Storms 6-1 and are now back on track to fight for the top seat in the ADHL. With a two-game winning streak the Bulldogs are only one point behind the Wings maintain a .500 record. The Club is now the second highest scoring team in the league and ready to win their second championship in three years.

Martin Jackuliak said to the media “We were missing all our superstars and I had to lead the team. Thanks to my superior leadership skills, I was able to put a strong team together and the lines gelled like a banana in a pool of KY. It’s good to see that the farm team coaching staff is doing a good job so we can call up one or the other talent when needed, especially with all the money we invest in our minor league team, the Khaladiya Hush Puppies.”

Brent Borough added “I respect the referees but calling that ‘Too Many Men’ penalty was just awful. It was a disgrace. Since when can a team have ice too many man? That makes no sense because you need a lot of man to play hockey, eh?”