Hammours pluck Wings

The Abu Dhabi Hammours have won their 3rd game in a row and claimed the top seat of the ADHL. With a stunning 8-5 victory over the once unbeatable Kaddas Wings, the Hammours became a real contender in winning the league title.

Joe Campbell had a stellar night with scoring 4 out of 5 goals for the Wings and newly recruited Suhail Al Muhairi of the Hammours countered with 2 goals and 2 assists.

“The first period was pretty even”, Bobby Belanger of the Wings said and continued “I am usually not much of a goal scorer but when the team needs me, I am there. Joe scored 4 goals but let’s be honest: they were all garbage. Well, in the end it doesn’t matter how many goals you score. When the opposing team scores one more than you, you lose. That is old Canadian hockey wisdom.”

Remi Lavoie, one of the top scorers in the league said “Everybody underestimated us. Just because we have a fish as a logo, doesn’t mean that we are easy to catch. We learned that we have to back-check if we want to win and that opens spots for speedy guys like me at the other blue line. I know some players call it cherry-picking, I call it blue-line opportunity. I scored a goal and that is proof enough that this tactic works.”