Godfather show no mercy to Oil Barons

With a complete failure on all positions, the Stormin’ Oil Barons lost a superior Godfathers squat 10-2 and are now struggling to keep up with the top teams. The loss may be a bit more to chew for the team from the east side that the pure numbers appear: general manager Blake Mihalic was bitter and was heard yelling to the team “You are all losers. You should be ashamed of yourself. I have seen monkeys in a zoo better organized than this team. I should sell all of you or even better, cut you paychecks and hire a bunch of mini mites to take your spots. You suck….and I don’t call you guys anymore because you don’t deserve that: you are all sissies.”

The Godfathers, on the other hand, had a great night and fans were cheering hours after the game was over.

Yannick Theler said “All that matters, is scoring goals. I don’t care if the other team is down by a goal or 20….I am always going to get more goals. I define myself by scoring goals and my market value is only going upwards. You never know, there may be a NHL scout out there at some point.” And added after he was asked what he thinks about the team performance “Yes. All players played well. Nothing special but OK. Would I tap anyone on the shoulder tonight? Of course, myself!”  

Bulldogs A mighty force

The Club Bulldogs have beaten the Abu Dhabi Storms 4-2 and have claimed the 1st place in the ADHL. The Storms are now on a 4-game losing streak and hope to steel some points against the struggling Oil Barons on Saturday. The Bulldogs have won 3 games in a row and becoming a hockey power house. After a scoreless and boring first half, the second one was filled with excitement seeing 6 goals a rather tight game before the Bulldogs sealed the deal by scoring twice more.

“We want to win this league and start our dynasty”, defenseman Jeff Snide said and added “The Storms were better than we anticipated but we had control of the game. I am happy for the team and we know that we will get a nice bonus check this month. For myself and my family, this was a special game: with my two beauties from the blue line, my mom told me that I am now in the same league as Bobby Orr and Ray Bourque. I now she’s right because she knows everything about hockey. Everything.”

Team mate Daniel Pendrak said “Back in the good old communist days, we wouldn’t cheer after a 4-2 victory. We would sit in the dressing room analyzing the game and figure out how we could receive two goals: is our defense bad? Or is it the goaltender? Or perhaps the forwards? Why only 4 goals? And how come that Snide scores twice and I didn’t? I will go to the gym now and work-off my anger”