Guillaume Laberge broke a 15-year old ADHL recorded by scoring 10 points (5 goals, 5 assists) in the 10-2 victory against the Stormin’ Oil Barons. This 100% record, Laberge was involved in all goals scored by the Godfathers this evening, marks a new record. The old record was held by Ali Kaddas to scored 8 times (4 goals, 4 assists) in 2003*.

Guillaume Laberge, who is also the captain of the Godfathers, said “I know this day will come someday. All my life I have trained for this and now my dream came true. Back when I was a young maple syrup slurping and poutine eating French-boy, I scored 10 goals in one game and was considered the new protégé of the Montreal Canadiens. The guy who finally brings back the glory and happiness. Tabernac, I was good. And after college I had the choice: NHL or ADHL. I chose the ADHL because of the much better competition. And I grew from star to superstar to hero, especially when we won the cup a few seasons back…..and now I became a legend. Je suis très heureux et je déteste les anglais. Vive les Québécois!” 

* Ali Kaddas was the first player ever who scored consecutive assists on all his goals. Unfortunately, he scored all goals in a game with no opponents and no other players on the ice but himself. He later said “I am happy that we won. There was a good chance that we may lose but scoring the empty netter secured the win.”