Storms vs Hammours

Oct. 15

The Hammours have beaten the Storms on their own ice 12-1. With this victory, the Hammours have cemented their ambitions to hoist the ADHL trophy this season and left little doubt, that this will not be an easy fish to catch. 

Yannick Thaler, the Hammours Swiss top-scorer, netted 4 goals and assisted one. Daniel Pendrak, the newly acquired top defenseman, added 4 point to his tally with 2 of each, goals and assist. 

After the game, Hammours GM and player-coach Pierre Lavoie said: "Together with the owner Hayez, we drafted a pretty good team this year. The sum we paid the Club Bulldogs for Pendrak was certainly worth it, with Cale Wright we have last season league MVP, and John Brideau is a legend." He added: "I love to win. More than anything. More than poutine, the Fleurdelisé, or even my boat. Winning is everything and I am happy we do just that...A LOT."

The Storms, on the other hand, are still without a win and need to break the cycle quickly, before the team falls severely behind the rest of the league. They will have their next chance this coming Sunday, October 13. 


Godfathers vs Wings

Oct. 15

The Abu Dhabi Godfathers, the favorite to win this season ADHL championship, have lost their battle versus the underdog Kaddas Wings. The clash of the Kaddas-owned team ended in a 5-1 victory for the Wings. 

Captain Joe Campbell and Czech-born defensive hobo Milan Rabas are the new dream team of the ADHL and have scored two goals each.  Eddie "Thai Boy" Eksaengsri scored the final goal of the game. Matias Kemila of the Godfathers scored the only goal for his colors.

Owner Ali Kaddas after the game: "How can I not be happy tonight? My team won and I win the league anyways. Of course the Godfathers are my favorite team but I like the Wings too. They cost me too much money to not like them." 

ADHL bedrock Ken Wigley of the Kaddas Wings said: "Oh boy. I have seen it all. All the greats and all the not so greats. I have seen a grown man crying while watching cat videos and an old man yelling at an aquarium because he thought it is a TV. I admit, I am both of these man but that is not the point. The point is: the Wings will fly and win the league. And give me a reason to cry again."