Godfathers vs Bulldogs

Oct. 15

The Abu Dhabi Godfathers, the league's richest team, has beaten the Club Bulldogs with 5 goals to 3 and surpassed their opponents in the table. The Godfathers are now in 4th place, the Bulldogs are in 5th. 

Many of the home fans were still at the concession stands when the Godfathers scored after only 32 seconds into the game. Only five minutes later, Godfathers Captain Guillaume Laberge added his second goal of the night. Owner Ali Kaddas also scored a goal and an assist. 

The Club Bulldogs countered the 3-0 Godfathers lead with a goal scored by Alexi Hirvonen.

"It is great to be back in the big league after spending almost 5 years with the Al Bateen Sailors in the East Coast Hockey League of Abu Dhabi. With my two assists today, I proofed the coaching team that this was a wise move. I am one of the biggest assets of the league and the fans know it", Christopher Neurinski of the Club Bulldogs said.     

Alfredo 'Speedy' Gonzales of the Godfathers said: "This was a tough game. Body-checks, teeth, and broken sticks were all over the ice and our fans did their best to keep the heat up. You know, on the ice you can really feel the atmosphere and when two teams with the same potential play against each other, that is what we (in El Paso) call a Mexican Stand-Off. I am just glad we survived."


Storms vs Oryx

Oct. 15

The Abu Dhabi Storms experienced what a hurricane feels like, when the Abu Dhabi Oryx beat the team 7-2. 

The Oryx, formerly known as the Stormin' Oil Barons, where sold by owner Blake Mihalic to and an investment company from Namibia. "They wanted a team which has character to boost hockey in southern Africa and I needed the money. People don't know how much these players want and how hard it is to deal with them. They are like divas...all of them. They changed the name because there are Oryx in Namibia but there are no SOBs. The investors didn't like my proposed team name Super Oryx Belangers so they renamed it. Well, I am just glad, that I do not have to deal with these whiny SOBs no longer ", Mihalic said in an interview. 

Rob Hill (Oryx) said "I don't care who owns the team, as long as somebody pays for my Lamborghini, my house, my golf membership, my yacht, and my excessive adult beverage intakes."

Dale Brown added: "I score hat-tricks, setup goals, break the glass from time to time, and the goalies are scared of me. I am pretty sure that the fans call me Legend. I play for the team and the fans because I love the sport but (Rob) Hill, that handsome SOB, only cares about golf."