Kuniski Back in Canada

Oct. 15

Nova Scotian Trevor Kuniski has been traded back to it's native Canada. Rumors across all social media platforms have been circulated but neither, Kuniski nor a potential new club, have confirmed a trade. After many weeks of digging deep into the matter and bribing his agent Kelly Ryan, we were finally able to secure brief interview with the star defender.

ADHL: Mr Kuniski, can you confirm that you have been traded to a team oversees? 

TK: Yes.

ADHL: Would you be so kind and tell us which team is the lucky one and what is the league like?

TK: Sure (short laughter). I signed with the King West Village Ice Scratchers, a professional team primarily consisting players from the local alcoholics anonymous group. The team plays in the Triple Crown Hockey League sponsored by Labatt, Molson , and Moosehead. The league is definitely a step, or two, down from the ADHL. 

ADHL: Were would you place the team this coming season? Last season was kind of a downer as the team almost relegated. 

 TK: I spoke with the GM and the head coach and both told me that they see the team in the top 10. I figured out later, that the league only has ten teams. Personally I think we may be in the top 3 because most of the other teams are severely overweight and out of shape, lack of players' commitment, or simply take too much advantage of the league sponsors free refreshments. 

ADHL: Why you? Doesn't the team need a scoring forward desperately?    

TK: Defense wins games. That is an old hockey rule. I have a proven record of scoring penalty minutes and putting fear onto our enemies faces. Those players will respect me or otherwise, I have a stick which will team them some respect. In Abu Dhabi, I wasn't known for my great skating or scoring goals abilities...that is up for the sissies. I play the sport as it was intended to be - painful and merciless. 

ADHL: What was the trade all about? ADHL league owner Ali Kaddas told us, that he let you go with a heavy heart but made an awesome deal.

TK: I am not allowed to talk about it but I was traded for a bag of used pucks, a 10% rebate coupon for Tim Horton's,  a picture of a blue-colored Canadian lobster, and can of beer. So all-in-all, I think this was a pretty fair trade. 

ADHL: Will your family move with you?

TK: Would you bring sugar to a Maple syrup farm?

ADHL: Hmmm....can we ask you one last question? 

TK: HA (massive laughter)....of course.

ADHL: Are you a bit tipsy? 

TK: HA....you got it. 

We wish Trevor Kuniski good luck and hope that he is able to life up to his reputation as a leader....in the penalty box, but a leader nonetheless.