Hammours vs Club Bulldogs

Oct. 21

The merciless Hammours upset the Club Bulldogs with a 14-2 victory and sit solid on top of the ADHL table. Superstar Daniel Pendrak scored 5 points and Bulldog top scorer Alexi Hirvonen added two goals to his stats. 

"Tonight was a game between man and boys, between sharks and shrimp, between a scoring machine and a defensive disaster", Peter Thorpe  said after the game. Remi Lavoie added "There is no mercy in hockey. Mercy is for golfers but not us hardened gladiators on ice. We took them apart and we destroyed our opponents will to score. If it was up to me, we would have played even hard, shorten the bench and score those 20 goals."

Paolo Reyes of the Club Bulldogs said later "I deeply regret signing my contract with such a terrible team. When I spoke to their management about the vision of the club, I was promised endless victories and goals en masse. The only one who steps up to the task is me. Alexi and Lubomir disappoint on a daily base. Maybe they should watch me a bit more often so they can learn how to play hockey."

The Club Bulldogs will face the Oryx tomorrow night and it seems the odds are not in their favor. 

Godfathers vs Oryx

Oct. 21

The stage was set for the two ADHL powerhouses to meet and show the fans why those two teams are among the favorites to win the title. 

The Oryx won the game 6-5 by scoring the game winner with only 48 seconds left in the game. The Godfathers weren't able to score after pulling the goaltender. 

Godfather hat-trick hero Brent Brough said during the press conference: "Of course I am upset that we didn't get that point but I am also happy, because of my hat-trick. In my family, we have a long history of hockey players and nobody ever scored three goals in one game. It may have to do with the fact that they were either goalies or referees but nonetheless, this achievement will go down in the Brough-family history books. And about that point, all I have to say is: I rather lose and score a hat-trick then win and score a wet handshake after the game."

ADHL top scorer Conor Doherty of the Oryx said: "It was a tied game but we worked as a team, won as a team, and moved atop the league's top scorers as an individual. If we keep playing like this, we will not only win the championship, but also the MVP title."

The Oryx will face the declining Club Bulldogs and are heavily favored to win the game.