Storms vs Wings

Oct. 22

With a 7-2 victory over the Storms, the Kaddas Wings have claimed the third place in the ADHL and are now considered a true contender for the league title. 

The Storms continued their losing steak and are now 0-6. 

"It doesn't help the team [Storms] that they fire their coach after every game they lose", an ADHL official said after the game in a radio interview and added "The Storms are just not good in drafting and steer straight to a -- what we call in hockey -- a perfect season: 0-24."

Milan Rabas of the Godfathers: "Zude...another 4 points for me. No wonder that the owner Ali Kaddas offered me a 10-year contract extension. I think the organization will build a team around me and that is exactly what they should do. After my latest freak-out, the league reprimanded me but I just told them that they should be quiet because my milkshake brings all the fans in the stands...and by milkshake I mean me."



Oryx vs Club Bulldogs

Oct. 22

The much anticipated game between the heavy favorites Abu Dhabi Oryx and the severe underdog Club Bulldogs  was sold out within 2 minutes after the ticketing booths opened. 

The first period was a tied affair with both teams battling for the leading goal. Bulldogs' Alexi Hirvonen scored four goals and added two assists to his impressive stats and scored the game winning goal with a slap shot from the blue line. Net-minder Mike Gabert of the Oryx said "I think I had the puck. It was in my glove and then in the net. I checked for holes but there were none. I asked the referee and was told that the puck went inside my catcher, rested for a while, and then jumped out over the goal line. So all I am saying, it wasn't my fault."

Keith Jeffrey of the Bulldogs "It's nice to see us winning again. It was painful to watch the 14-2 loss last night and I thought we will lose big today too. The coach said before the game, that losing is just a part of the game and we didn't like that. Alexi told me that he will score at least 2 goals for me, because he likes me and wants to see me happy. He told the same to Sean and so he had to score 4 goals. Tonight, I am happy!"