Hammours vs Oryx

Nov. 9

The ADHL's top-ranked team, the Abu Dhabi Hammours, have lost a close game against the Oryx, formerly known as the SOBs, with 5 goals to 6. After trailing with 2 goals, the Hammours managed to tie the game but a defensive mistake put the Oryx back into the lead. The second period was a very close affair with the Hammours tying the game with 3 goals for both and even lead the game 5-4. A lucky goal by Oryx' captain Kyle Frederick put the team from Abu Dhabi's west side into the lead and secured the team the 6th W of the season. 

Maher Noueihad of the Hammours said after the game: "This was an intense game. I have never seen anything like that nor have I ever participated in such a game.Although it hurt me a little, I am so proud that I could play against my idol Kyle Frederick. When he scored that game-winner to  seal his hattrick, I was so happy that I can shake this guy's hand. I will never wash that hand again."

Oryx' Matt Brown "It was great to be called back from the farm team. Playing hockey with such incompetent guys was difficult and I thought the manager will never call again. But then I showed up, some of the guys even said Hello to me, and then I scored an assist. I hope they seen what I can do and keep me in the team for good."

Godfathers vs Storms

Nov. 9

10-4 were the numbers the Godfathers fans saw by the end of the game on the scoring board. Long into the night the fans paid their tribute with standing ovations to a team which played one of its best games ever. 

The Storms continue their losing streak and are looking now into the option of bringing a potent investor on board. Due to the lack of winning games, the NHL has decided to turn down the Storms approach to become the newest franchise. 

James Pawluk, the new arising defensive superstar of the ADHL, said later during the press conference: "This was a great win. Luckily, we managed to score 6 times in the first half because the second one was quite tied. Overall, I think we have the best team and our owner [Ali Kaddas] is paying good money. We are rich and we will win the championship this season, one way or another. I promise, there will be no more mercy shown to any of the other team."

Captain Laberge and Jamie Bolland scored a hattrick each; Kazakh import Denis Sinev scored twice and team owner Kaddas was awarded a complementary assist.