Wings vs Club

Nov. 9

The Club Bulldogs secured their 4th victory of the season, beating the Kaddas Wings 8-5. Club's star player Alexi Hirvonen scored a hattrick and assisted 3, Michael Suchoba added 4 points (1 G, 3 A), and Eric Richards, who still wears his playoff beard from 3 season ago, scored a goal and assisted one. Guenther Jahrmann was called up as a guest player and may now be a hot trade for next season, especially after scoring 2 goals.  

Milan Rabas of the Wings scored two each (2 G. 2 A) and Edward Roacho netted twice. 

"I don't know what happened out there tonight", Sonny Thompson of the Kaddas Wings said to our reporter and added "We played well but we couldn't score. We have all these great players but we lack in defensive discipline. We can't continue like that. Our fans demand victories. Having the highest priced tickets in the ADHL, it is understandable that those fans want to see a good show, cheer for many goals, and see their home team win. I wanted to sell my game-worn and signed jersey for a good cause and ended up paying the hospital money so they just take it."

Sean McCarthy of the Club Bulldogs said later to an unknown source "I am glad we won tonight. What is going on with our players. Lubomir [Zeleny], Martin [Jackuliak], Chris [Neurinksi] and Garnett [Klasen] never ever show up. They are always sick or injured. I believe they secretly playing for another team in some underground hockey league. They all look a bit shady to me but I think I have a valid point."

Hammours vs Godfathers

Nov. 9

Battle Royal in Abu Dhabi: the ADHL's power houses Abu Dhabi Hammours and the Abu Dhabi Godfathers faced off in a hard-fought game. The Hammours, slightly favored to win this season ADHL championship, won against their fears rivals 3-2. 

The Godfathers were going into the second half by leading the game 2-1. Last season's MVP Cale Wright scored the equalizer and Swiss national team  captain Yannick Theler netted the game winner, assisted by Wright. The Godfathers took the early lead by an goal from Denis Sinev, just 18 seconds into the game. Philipp Mielenz scored the team's second goal. 

"We ran out of gas in the second half", captain Guillaume Laberge said in an interview and continued "It can't be always just me, Denis, and Jamie scoring goals. The other guys need to step up too. I know that they lack my talent or skill set but that is no excuse to play hard and stay out of the penalty box. I am pretty upset because we played the Fishes and I do not like them. People don't understand that this rivalry is bigger than the one of the Maple Leafs vs the Canadians...much bigger."

Remi Lavoie of the Hammours said "It is awesome to play in such an important game. The fans are nuts, the atmosphere is electric, and the dislike of the Godfathers unmatched. I got chills throughout the game and I have to admit that some of them were because I saw my moves on the ice in slow motion on the big screen. I am pretty proud of my father's son."