Storms vs Oryx

Nov. 9

Only one game was scheduled for November 9th. After a 7-game losing streak, the Abu Dhabi Storms were eager to finally win their first game of the season. Unfortunately, they had to face the Oryx, who have announced that anything short of the ADHL championship would be a disappointment. 

The Storms managed to keep the game tied with 4 goals each after the first half, scoring twice within 3 minutes. Oryx' center Rob Hill, who recently turned down a modelling job for a famous deodorant brand, scored 4 goals and was named player of the game. 

Our reporter asked Hill why he turned down the modelling job. He answered "I know that I am pretty handsome and modelling jobs are offered to all the time. For this one, I was pretty excited because they just released a new fragrance called 'Hockey Dude' which smells like used hockey gloves. Every hockey player in the world loves that smell and now you can use it as a deodorant. Unfortunately, I had to turn the job down because of scheduling interference. I like modelling but I love scoring goals."

After asked about his inputs on the game he said "Yeah...about that...well, did I mention that I scored 4 goals AND one assist? I had to step in and lead the team and so I did. We won, 3 points for us...I don't think I need more to add."