Hammours vs Godfathers

Nov. 9

The battle of Abu Dhabi continued as the Hammours and Godfathers faced each other for the second time with just one week. The Godfathers wanted revenge after losing the last game 3-2 to the Hammours. The Hammours had other plans and manager Pierre Lavoie send a clear message to the team. "You win or you are all fired", he said and added "The Godfathers may be a good team but compared to us, they are weaklings."

The Hammours secured their 5-1 victory in the first half by out-scoring the Godfathers 4-0; the second half ended with a 1-1 tie. 

After the game, a visibly relived Lavoie said "I am super happy we won the game. Not only for the points but also for the fact, that I don't have to fire everyone on that team. Well, it worked. 5 different guys scored, so that is proof that the Hammours are not just a great hockey club, but they are also properly managed."

Denis Sinev of the Godfathers said "This was a tough game. We missed a lot of our players tonight. I think they were afraid and called in sick. I know that [Ali] Kaddas will not take this lightly. He wants to win and he wants trophies. I am sure, he will cut their pay-checks. I am very disappointed but at least I scored and that makes me a bit more happy."

Club vs Wings

Nov. 9

The Club Bulldogs faced the Kaddas Wings in an uneventful game and lost with 3 goals to 4. 

With most players being called up to their national teams, the superstars were gone and fans had not much interest in watching the game. "We pay good money and we want to see the stars.", one fan said and another added "This is ridiculous. 150$ a ticket and I have to watch Ken Wigley? I love the guy but I want to see the star players. Who schedules those games? And why do those guys care about their national teams? The ADHL is were the money is and we fans paying for it."

Sonny Thompson scored the ahead goal for the Wings equalized by the Bulldogs. BJ Jumnadass and veteran Ken Wigley scored for a 3-2 lead after 24 minutes. Michael Suchoba of the Club scored a hattrick. 

Ken Wigley said in the press room "This was an important victory. I can't stretch that enough. We needed our farm team boys to step up and they did. I am playing this game for a very, very, very, very, very long time....let's add another two very to this sentence because I am simply playing the game for so long...and I rarely seen such a bunch of inexperienced playing so well. If I could, I would adopt them all. After I scored my goal, they signed the puck and offered me to drive me home. What a good bunch."

Michael Suchoba of the Club said "In the Czech Republic we don't give up. We play. Strong and with passion. Scoring a hattrick is nothing special. Someone has to do the job and I am just the best in my job. When I got traded from the Budweis Brewskies to the Club Bulldogs, I said to the GM that I will score hattricks...many of them, because that is what I do. Everything I do is a hattrick." and added unasked "Am I a hero? Perhaps. Am I the best player in the league? Probably."