Hammours vs Wings

Nov. 11

The Abu Dhabi Hammours have defended the top seat in the ADHL by beating the Kaddas Wings in a close game with 7 goals to 6. Yannick Theler was the hero of the evening when his shot passed the Wings' goaltender and secured the lead for his team. It was Theler's second goal of the night. Youngster Remi Lavoie pushed himself into the third place in the most assists race by adding 2 helpers to his impressive tally. 

Milan Rabas of the Kaddas Wings scored a hat-trick and assisted one, rookie Edward Roacho scored twice. 

Hugo Blomfield of the Kaddas Wings said later "It was a very tied game. When we lead 6-4, I thought the game is decided but then we lacked in defense and allowed the fish heads to score three unanswered goals. This is unacceptable at this stage in the competition and  I pretty upset with our forwards. There job is to score goals and not park their butts at the blue line. We are the best defense in the league but our offensive talent...oh boy...I have to stop here!"

League's MVP Cale Wright of the Hammours "I am pretty happy with the result. We are right on track and our owner Hayez is stoked. He put all his savings into this team and the best we can do is winning. My dad told me that he doesn't want to see me unless I bring home the MVP trophy again. We are a very competitive family and they love a show case piece more than me. Anyhow, I am proud of the team and I know they are proud of me. So everyone wins."


Storms vs Bulldogs

Nov. 11

The Abu Dhabi Storms have stopped their losing streak and beat the Club Bulldogs 9-5. This marks the first 3 points for the team from the capital's downtown. 

Martin Jackuliak had his first assist hat-trick of the season. Alexi Hirvinen and Michael Suchoba scored twice each, and giant Keith Jeffrey added one. 

"Today we failed completely. We didn't wanted to be the team that losses first against the Storms. Now the whole league will point fingers at us and we will never hear the end of this disaster", Maddox Jeffrey said in an interview and added "My dad always told me not to cry but today I couldn't help it. It was so sad and I couldn't stop weeping.  I had a date with a model after the game but she told me that she doesn't like losers."

"He will be fine", father and team mates Keith Jeffrey said and continued "losing is a part of the game and he should learn a bit more from his old man. One thing is for sure, he won't see the sun in the next week because he will be busy in the gym."