Godfathers vs Oryx

Nov. 12

The game between the Godfathers and the Oryx ended 2-1 in favor for the team in black. Fans described the game less eventful than a game of chess and booed the entire game. The first half ended 1-1 with goals from James Pawluk of the Godfathers, who sank a weak wrist shot over the shoulders of hall of famer Conor Stuart and Marc Treska of the Oryx, who managed to get the puck behind the goal line somehow. 

The German export Phil Mielenz scored the game winner and has now a tattoo stating the date, time, venue, and a victory sign on his left shoulder. 

Bill 'Wild Bill' Mellenby  said after the game "This is what you get when your best players decide to get sick or injured. I bet none of these Fraggles is actually injured but they fake it. So we scored a few points and now they think they don't have to show up anymore. Someone should remind them that they all are being paid good Dirhams and such commitment, or the lack thereafter, is unacceptable. If I had something to say, I would bench them all."

Godfathers owner, manager, player, and millionaire told a newspaper "This is a good team. It's great leadership, me, makes it possible that we can bring home that championship trophy once again. Our loyal fans deserve that and so do I. One day you have to tell them how terrible they are, the other you have to pet them like little kittens. But it works and they better not losing anytime soon or the only good thing they see, is the inside of printing shop so they know how other people have to work hard for there money and don't have the opportunity to skate around for bit"

Wings vs Clubs

Nov. 13

Last weeks losing teams the Kaddas Wings and the Club Bulldogs clashed in an epic drama game in which the Bulldogs redeemed themselves by beating the Wings 7-6. 

Wings' defense man Milan Rabas scored his second hat-trick in the last two games and Lubomir Zelany added a total of 5 points to his mark by scoring 3 goals and 2 assists. 

"This was much better than last week. Many of my Facebook friends unfriended me and some even send me terrible WhatsApp messages. It was not a good week and I know many of my team mates had similar experiences.", Martin Jackuliak of the Bulldogs said in an ESPN interview and added "My knees were weak today and if we would have lost again, I probably had to change my name. Fortunately,  our Slovaks and Finns finally played the way they were supposed to play and we dominated those Wings. They looked more like the bones of skinny chicken wings out there and that victory was super sweet."

"It is ridicules. Before my career in hockey, I was a professor and I thought my students to always thrive for being better, ever day." BJ Jumnadass said and continued "Then, I took that massive leap to follow the offer of the Kaddas Wings and I left the Bahrain Super Elite League of Ice Hockey, one of the best professional hockey leagues in the Middle East just to find a bunch of self-centered individuals, who care more about nice hair, good body odor, and how they look on the ice than actually trying to win a game. It is embarrassing and if we continue playing like this, I may be back teaching sooner than I expected. Our next chance to win is against the Oryx and i we lose, I will lose it too."