Hammours vs Storms

Nov. 22

In a close match-up between the first-seated Abu Dhabi Hammours and last-placed Abu Dhabi Storms, the Hammours managed to claim a 6-5 victory, thanks to a stellar first half performance. 

Unsung hero Jeremy Downs scored the game-winning goal and assisted twice . Top-scorer Yannick Theler netted the frozen biscuit twice and added an assist hat-trick.  

A happy Hammours-owner Hayez Al Muhairbi congratulated the team on it's victory and said "This was much closer than expected and to be honest, I wasn't too happy first. In the end, the big W counts. Our fans like to see good hockey but when we win, they don't complain. I gave every player on the team a bonus or their good performance. They will get a 2% discount at my pro shop but only on Tuesday night between 9 and 10 PM."

Team general manager Pierre Lavoie said later: "It is awesome to play this last season with my son. He is going to the big league next year and I hope the SQARHLOC (Southern Quebec Adult Recreational Hockey League of  Canada) is the next step for him becoming one of the finest hockey players of the Lavoie family. This being said, we need to have a serious talk about budget with the owner because there are only 5 guys on the team who know how to score goals or even pass the puck and if we want our names engraved on that trophy and make history, we need the other guys to step up their game."

Wings vs Oryx

Nov. 22

The Abu Dhabi Oryx have beaten the Kaddas Wings with 8 goals to 5 and cemented the 2nd place. After trailing 4-1, assistant captain Bill Mellanby had another epic freak-out on the bench. After tossing twigs around, spraying some players with water, and even slapped forward Guenther Jahrmann, the team finally woke up from its lethargy and scored seven goals. Hero of the night was Bobby Belanger, who scored a hat-trick. Kyle Frederick and Coner Doherty  added 5 points each to their tally. 

BJ Jumnadass also scored a hat-trick and Milan Rabas managed to score on all goals of the Wings. 

"I am not saying I am the greatest but I am not saying I am not", Bobby Belanger said during the press conference and continued "My son is watching me on the TV all the time and recently he asked me why he scores so often in his games but I don't in mine. So I did what needed to be done and simply scored a hat-trick. When I get home tonight, I will tell him that I love him but he needs to practice much more if he wants to follow my foot steps. He is still young and I know he will understand that daddy has so much more love to give, when that puck crosses the goal line."

BJ Jumnadass of the Wings said: "Another hat-trick for me. It was the right choice for the Wings to fire some of their older players and free some more budget for my contract. Milan couldn't score all of those assists if it weren't for me. I am a scoring machine and I wish the other were a bit more like me, so we would win a few more games. Being third is not my expectation and I need the team to learn a bit more from me. Milan told me after the game, that he is super happy that I am playing with him and he is grateful that I keep him in the Most Points race."