Club vs Godfathers

Nov. 23

 A merciless Godfathers team has beaten the Club Bulldogs 10-6 and are now sitting now on 4th place in the ADHL. With 9 different goal scorers the team shows the depth of its squad and is now eager to conquer the 3rd place. The Club Bulldogs are still struggling with consistency in their games. 

ADHL's top scorer Alexi Hirvonen said "I don't know why I am wasting my time in this organization. We win one, we lose two. I know that I am a great hockey player and that is the reason why I am leading the league in most goals and most points, but we are not here to talk about my personal success. We are talking about the team. In Finland, all it matters is a championship ring. You cannot find a wife without a championship ring on your finger. Your points and goals and assists don't matter because in Suomi, you are nothing without a Nokia phone, a pet reindeer, and...of course...a huge shiny championship ring."

Ryan Myndio, who scored twice for the Godfathers told a reporter enthusiastically: "This team is great. Everyone can score, and everybody likes to play with everybody. Our captain Guillaume is awesome. He constantly motivates us and pushes the team to do better. The first half was outstanding. 7-1 after 24 minutes? Are you kidding me? This is unheard of. This must be a ADHL record. I am so happy. I will call everyone I know. Man, those 16 energy drinks I had during the game really kick in at the moment. Anyhow, I am super happy and I think I will thank the owner too."

Wings vs Storms

Nov. 23

The Kaddas Wings have redeemed themselves by winning 5-3 versus the Abu Dhabi Storms. The game was a tight affair until the last 18 seconds of the match were the Godfathers managed to score twice within 8 seconds. Suhil Al Muhairi scored a goal and assisted two, Milan Rabas scored a hat-trick. 

Sonny Thompson said after the game: "This was a close game against a weak opponent. Thanks to BJ and Suhil, we scored twice right before the end of the game. In England we call this tea-bagging: it is the moment were a team waits to score just before the game finishes. This keeps the fans alive, the players happy, and the sponsors pockets deep. Last game BJ told us that we need to step it up and watch what he is doing so we understand the goal scoring process a bit better. Well, Suhil did and that is why he scored. Milan also played ok. Five points for Milan is a bit disappointing but then, we only scored 5 goals and in hockey, a player cannot be awarded two points on the same goal. In England you can but this is because we are all gentleman."