The Abu Dhabi Eagles, inspired by the surprise visit from their owner Eddie, managed to overcome a 0-2 deficit and turned it into a 5-4 victory against rivals Abu Dhabi Oryx. Without their superstars captain Conor Doherty, Aleksi Hirvonen, and Jaymes Pawluk, the Oryx were unable to secure their third victory of the season. However, Eagles star forward Milan Rabas was also absent due to his 3-week rehab. Early in the game, the Eagles lost top defender and star of the Finnish transgender national team Tony Meski due to an injury inflicted by youngster Raleigh Radkowski in a fierce battle on the board, making it an even match between two good teams. 

The Oryx had to call up two players from the minors, David from Czechia and Jaiden, from the USA. Inside sources told the news outlets that their last names are unknown because "they are minor league players and nobody cares". The game was a back and forth match in which the Oryx managed to score twice on a shaky netminder Mansour Fiatiakhotdinov, who started to lose his nervousness after downing a half bottle of Vodka. The Eagles tied the game at 2-2 and shortly after led the reduced Oryx squad by 3 goals to 2. The Oryx scored the 3-3 on a short-handed goal and regained the led with a 4-3, before the Eagles scored two unanswered goals and winning the game with a goal from Ken Kontio with only 1:44 remaining. 

The happy game-winner said after the game "Goals like that don't come often and it was all experience. I always knew I had it in me but I doubted myself after being rejected by the Northwest Territories Polar Foxes, the Mississippi Redneck Yodels, and the Tijuana Donkey Dicks. I was super happy when I finally got the call from the Eagles and moved to Abu Dhabi to fulfil my dream as a professional hockey player....and today, I was able to pay it all back."

Scottish highlander Ross Hawkins of the Oryx added during the press conference "It was a tough game and I think we played well. The two minor league players were a huge help, but unfortunately our goalie Jeff Strong isn't so strong catching pucks. Well, I don't usually blame others for my own shortcomings, but when you are perfect, it is hard not to point a finger."

The Eagles will challenge the Grover Cup champions The Godfathers next Monday and the Oryx play the Tropicals at home. Tickets are still available but selling out fast.