"Mission accomplished" said an exhausted Eagles captain, Tim Thorenton after the team's 6-5 victory against the Tropicals. Fans saw and exiting game in which the home team came back from a 1-5 deficit to score 5 unanswered goals in the second period. Tony Meski, the Eagles newest defense addition from Finland, scored the game winner with only 2:49 on the clock, securing the first 3 points of the season for his team. 

The Tropicals started with back to back goals, giving the team a solid 2-goal advantage. However, a slightly out of shape team paid tribute to its fast-paced first half by completely falling apart in half two. Tropicals goaltender Jeff Strong was flabbergasted with a poor defensive performance and his loud and profane rants lead to fans under the age of 18 to be escorted out of the rink. Lee Silverman, on the other hand, had a busy starting 24 minutes but was able to sign autographs during the second half, due to lack of shots on goal. 

Eagles star defender Milan Rabas scored 4 goals and is now the leading goal scorer of the ADHL. "After a performance like this, it is a mystery to me that head coach Rulik [Czech National Team] hasn't invited me yet. It's a shame, but what matters is that we won our home opener." 

A disappointed Adam Wilson, captain of the Tropicals, noted "I don't know what just happened. We lead 5-1, dominated the game, and had good vibes on the bench. In the second half, some of the guys where too busy with taking selfies and waiving at puck bunnies in the stands. I think we were way too comfortable and with the, admittingly, awesome new sweaters, I saw that coming."