Kaddas Cup Finals Decided

by Guenther Jahrmann

The annual Kaddas Cup tournament has its finalists. The reigning champions Oryx will face the record-winning Godfathers on Monday, October 16th at 8:15pm, while a disappointed Eagles team will try to take home bronze at 9:15pm. 

Godfathers vs Eagles

In a close game, the Godfathers won against the Eagles in overtime with 6 goals to 5. After falling behind 4-1, the Eagles managed to tie the game only seconds before regular time. With 90 seconds left on the game clock, the Eagles pulled goaltender Mansour Fiatiakhotdinov on a Godfathers penalty, making it a 6-on-4 powerplay. However, a tired Eagles team missed the change to win the game in OT and got kicked out of the prestigious competition and the following breakaway. 

After the game we spoke to rookie Anton Dmitriev, but unfortunately out translator wasn't able to translate because he is a British-to-American English interpreter. Newly appointed captain Tim Thorenton said "It was a tough game. We fell behind on easy giveaways and could sink the biscuit in the net. But I am proud of my boys, because they made daddy proud by tying the game and in OT, Dave missed the game winner and so we lost. However, I love these guys like they were my own." 

Goalie Jeff Strong said during the press conference "It wasn't easy for the Eagles to score, because I am a brick wall, have the agility of a panther, and the reflexes of a cat. I have no idea how they were able to squeeze by five gino's. The Godfathers defense is a gongshow and they have to do much better during the regular season. Well, thanks to me they now have a chance to win the Kaddas Cup and earn eternal glory."

Oryx vs Tropicals

The Tropicals, who are under new ownership, have lost their campaign against a determined champion 5-0 and are now eagerly awaiting the Eagles for redemption. The Oryx, on the other hand, will try to tie the Kaddas Cup championship victories by defeating the Godfathers. Tropical fans rioted through the empty streets of the Sports City, destroying two trash cans and by trying to set an old bicycle on fire. After the failed attempt, we were told they stormed a nearby KFC due to empty stomachs. 

Adam Wilsson, captain of the Tropicals, said later "I am confident that we have a strong team this season and are the 4th placed favorite to win the Grover Cup. We tried to stay with the game plan and don't show off our strengths to early in the season. I think we have accomplished our goal." Being asked about the rioting fans, he replied "Well, Tropicals fans are emotional and I understand that ticket prices these days, a loss can feel like a personal defeat. I just wished they weren't trying to burn that bike because bikes don't burn. Well, lesson learned, I guess." 

Oryx's star defender Suhail Al Muhairi noted "Today was an easy game for us. I have no idea why they weren't trying harder but it seemed like they didn't even want to score. 5-0 should bring fear to the Godfathers because they know that we will win that trophy again and push them off their high horse. This season we are going for the double: Kaddas and Grover Cup. All I can say to may former team mates is: watch out. The Oryx are galloping."