In a dramatic, high blood pressured game, the Kaddas Cup winners Oryx came atop the unbeaten Eagles with a 6-5 victory in overtime. After a short runaway by the mighty birds, the antelopes managed to come back from a 3-1 deficit to tie the game 3-3 just before the end of the first half. 

The Oryx then, once again, tied the game with only seconds to go in half two forcing a 5 minutes, 3 on 3 overtime, in which the Eagles had plenty of chances to secure the victory. With 30 seconds to spare, ADHL superstar and Oryx captain Conor 'McD' Doherty bypassed a surprised Guenther Jahrmann and netted the game winner top shelf over the shoulder of netminder Jeff Strong. 

At the press conference Doherty said "We kinda expected that the Eagles are strong contenders but compared man vs man, we knew that we are just the better team. Let's take me for example: the skillset I bring on the ice is outer worldly. I recently signed a contract with the a professional team, but I have to admit, that the real challenge is the ADHL, and that is were I shine brighter than the sun over Abu Dhabi." 

Guenther Jahrmann, who sits now atop of the league leaders in assists told us "Yeah, that game-winning goal in OT was my mistake. I saw that Conor had the puck and was ready for an excellent hip check but that skinny weasel managed to pass by me. I then thought I should tomahawk the guy but immediately remembered how terrible Jeff [Strong] is at a penalties. However, I won't apologize because I assisted 3 goals and think I have done more than my job."

The Oryx will face last placed Tropicals on November 13 at 8:30pm, while the Eagles hope to defend the top seed against last season champions The Godfathers.