Tropicals Change Ownership

by Guenther Jahrmann

The Abu Dhabi Tropicals are under a new ownership, after the former owners The Club sold the team to Republik Real Estate. Although both parties agreed to keep the details of the deal disclosed, it is assumed that the team was sold for 152.23 AED incl. VAT, a brunch voucher for 2, and a 15% discount on the first beer at the Abu Dhabi Hockey League Launch Night.

The Club entered the Abu Dhabi Hockey League in 2015-16 season and have won the Grover Cup once. The team has gone through significant transformations throughout the years and was renamed to The Club Bulldogs in 2017, as a homage to the origin of the former owners, The Club, formerly known as The British Club. 

Due to the Covid-19 seasons of 2020-21and 2021-22, the organization has experienced a severe decline of the fanbase and the former owners decided to pull the team from the Abu Dhabi Hockey League. Although the team recovered and re-entered the ADHL in the 2022-23 season, the financial situation remained dire and was forced to sell its superstars Lubomir Zelany and Martin Jackuliak to teams in Europe. 

With the new captain Adam Wilson taking over the leadership in the 2022-23 season and the new ownership and change in logo, the team is, once again, a fierce contender to win the ADHL double, the Kaddas Cup and Grover Cup. 

As a heritage to the former logo, the new management decided keep the palm leaves inside the new and modern T logo. With that, the team will also change its jersey colors from the much debated neon-green to white.