The Tropicals and Eagles met each other for the second time in a week. On home ice, the fans of the team from the seashores of Abu Dhabi hoped for a revenge victory after a devastating last minute win by the Eagles just 3 days ago. Eaglet David Allen silenced a rowdy crowd by beating goaltender Jeff Strong after only 90 seconds played. With 5 unanswered goals in the first half, the Tropicals had to give it all to come back in half two. Rookie Shawn O'Neil started the campaign by netting the first goal for his colors after only 52 seconds played. Power forward PJ Pigat scored his hattrick mid-way through the second half, burying the hopes of the home fans and a shocked Tropicals team. 

Shortly before the end of the game, enforcers Milan Rabas (Eagles) and Paul MacPherson (Tropicals) engaged in an epic battle that not only lifted the roof of the building, but was also a perfect showcase of bravery, strengths, and resilience. Being such great role models for young hockey players, the referee elected MacPherson the winner and awarded the hero  with a game misconduct, allowing him to shower early and to avoid the shame his team members felt during the handshake. The game ended with a 8-1 victory for the mighty Eagles, putting the team on top of the Abu Dhabi Hockey League. 

After the game goal scorer Shawn O'Neil said "Today wasn't our game. There was a weird mood in the dressing room and I think it was because of the pressure. You know, it isn't easy to go to the rink with angry fans yelling profanities at you. They called me and my team mate names, cursed at us, and threw beer cans. Fortunately, the drunk mob realized that we are not the rival rugby team, which played at the same night on the next door pitch." Team mate Oldrich Zajicek added "When the Tropicals signed me as a free agent, management promised that the team is the favorite to win the Gropher Cup. Look at us now! We lost twice against a team that has a grilled chicken as a logo and next week we are facing last season champions, The Godfathers. I hope the rest of the team is stepping up because my many children need that sweet winning bonus because daddy spend the alimonies bailing out a Nigerian Prince, who send me an email a while ago."

 On the other hand, a happy JP Pigat said "There isn't much to say. I am just like any other player. Yeah, its true that I have a better skillset, are a much better skater, and know how to score goals, but in the locker room, I put on one skate at the time, just like my team mates. Its not important who scores the goals as long as its me. As a team, we want to excel and do our very best, but when everyone plays on 80%, good ol' JP has to step up and score." Pigat then walked away in the middle of the press conference because he didn't feel that there is more to say. 

The Eagles will battle Kaddas Cup winners Oryx at 8:30pm on November 6, while the Tropicals are trying to score their first points against Grover Cup champs Godfathers.