It has been a while since the Tropicals have brought a victory and the home fans were eager to finally celebrate that rare occasion. However, Grover Cup champs The Godfathers came to town snap the 3 points right of the hand of Tropicals captain Adam Wilson. In a close game, Godfathers captain Gulliaume Laberge relived owner Ali Kaddas when he managed to score the game winner with less than a minute to play. 

The Tropicals have now lost 3 in a row and are on the verge to succeed the former Abu Dhabi Hockey League team Storms, how lost 5 continuous games last season. The Godfathers are on track with 6 points out of two games and Ali Kaddas noted "My team is a dynasty. The Godfathers are the most successful ADHL team and the Grover Cup is a shinning evidence for that. Thanks to the many millions invested and the unbeaten draft skills of my Quebecois French William [Laberge], this team will lift that trophy more often than Arnold Schwarzenegger lifted weights."

After the game, a disappointed Andrew Fawcett said "It's a shame. We are so close to win games, but then we make mistakes and blow it. Our new jerseys seem to be a curse that has to be broken soon. The team's owners made it already clear, that we will be relocated if we keep losing. Trust me, nobody on the team wants to play in Siberia or North Korea but we signed our souls to the Tropicals."

Godfathers rookie Brody Marsh said "It is an absolute honor to play with ADHL all-stars such as my dad or Brent Brough, and learn so much from legends like Laberge or Hill. Although my dad was against it, I recently got a tattoo across my chest which says in the first line 'There is only one team: The Godfathers. In Ali I trust. Once a Dogfather, always a Dogfather.' and in the second 'When found, please return to Ali Kaddas, The Godfather'. This is a must, because we celebrate too often. However, I should have spell checked the tattoo before putting it permanently on me and perhaps Comic Sans size 12 wasn't the best choice."

The Godfathers will battle the Eagles at 9:30pm on November 13. Tickets sell fast and it is advised to use public transportation. The Tropicals are hopeful to secure their first W of the season against Kaddas Cup winners Oryx at 8:30pm.